Alan's experience and contacts in the entertainment industry means that he is often producing and co-ordinating highly complex projects. From staging large scale media events to producing music videos, or creating a bid to develop an Arts Center, he has worked with companies all over the world.

Truman Brewery
Located in a run-down part of east London, the Truman Brewery was an empty memory to its former glory. With a collaborative vision to house the next generation of protagonists in music, fashion, art and film, Alan and long time UK partner Lee Dicker partnered with Ofer Zeloof and spear-headed the creation of London's most eclectic and innovative cultural centre. This has changed the landscape of London.

Vibe Bar
Is one of London's most successful venues which was the catalyst for the subsequent development all around Brick Lane. Scheduling live music, spoken word and performance shows of all kinds, it is recognised as a leader in cutting edge content. With excellence as the standard bearer for activity, the Vibe Bar epitomises the ethos of breaking the rules and winning - hosting everyone from Pete Doherty to The UK Labour Party.

Pier 57
Alan was brought in to lead the RFP bid for the pier on the Husdon River in Manhattan, NY. Bringing his in depth knowledge of how to launch a cultural centre, he put together a package with a team that reached the final round of considerations. Working to a deadline under extremely tough circumstances, as a consultant or as part of an entrepreneurial group, Alan's energy and insight brings flair and imagination to even the toughest project.

Classic FM TV
Alan co-produced a series of events with Classic FM TV in Ibiza. Involving considerable logistical challenges, scheduling, locations, clearances and venue and artist concerns, it turned out to be a highly successful run. Three key videos were created for Bond, Mylene Klass and Julia Thornton. Alan has worked with Classic FM TV in New York and is an in-house director with them.

The award winning Anti-Gravity - New York City's only Ariel Performance Company is an urban troupe with a cutting edge style, merging acrobatic skills and athletics with aesthetics. Its eclectic talent roster consists of national and international champion athletes, urban dancers and underground specialty artists. Their resume spans numerous award-winning Broadway shows and concert productions, all star sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, television specials, films, corporate events and commercial films. They have preformed over 400 productions around the world. Alan is currently co-producing the full length original production "AntiGravity" in London this summer.

Co-produced the documentary EROICA! which follows these Grammy-nominated, New York-based musicians through one eventful year.

The New York Salon
The NY Salon was launched to create a space for critical discourse in public life that would not be limited to the idea of instrumental outcomes or policy decisions. Pulling together a mixture of people from business, entertainment, the Academy and citizens, The NY Salon stages regular events - some invite only and some public. Alan is co-director with Jean Smith.

A truly unique soccer experience, right in the heart of the Truman Brewery. We've built a giant indoor stadium complete with terraces, scoreboard, bars, food stalls and have three of the biggest screens in the country mounted on the main wall. Over 1000 England fans crammed in for each game!